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Crockery of clay

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    Clay ware is not only practical and beautiful, it also has a beneficial effect on your health! Pottery - is one of the oldest, it is even credited with "magic" properties, arguing that such dishes can clean the aura, get rid of the negative and give strength. The dishes made of clay are so cute that even casual cracks do not spoil it, but rather impart uniqueness and a certain zest. Clay is an affordable, not artificial, material that has special properties - the ability to regulate temperature, as well as moisture, which is what helps the food stored in clay pots remain fresh for a long time. In our Internet shop you can buy various dishes made of clay: clay vases, a jug, a Turkish for coffee, a sour cream, a bottle for wine, a clay cup, a gravy boat, a set of pottery and much more. Pleasure yourself and your loved ones with original clay products, high quality and delivery throughout Ukraine!