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Embroidered shirt

Embroidery - a gift that brings the best national traditions. Recently, fashion for clothing with Ukrainian national patterns has spread around the world, more and more Hollywood stars choose it for publication, no one will be surprised to see the celebrity on the red carpet in Ukrainian national clothes. To date, Ukrainian embroideries are not only an element of a national costume, they symbolize the spiritual wealth, wisdom of our people. Embroideries is a super fashionable, popular and truly integral part of every Ukrainian's wardrobe, it is always appropriate - it is a universal thing that will suit both for a special occasion and for an ordinary walk in the park. The embroidered shirt is our national brand, which is recognized all over the world today. We produce embroideries from natural materials, observing all folk traditions. Shirts are decorated with unique handmade embroideries, which carry a powerful charge of positive energy. Ukrainian embroideries are more popular than any other trend today, choosing this item for your wardrobe will not go wrong. In our online store "Bulava" there are women's and men's embroideries at the best prices, an individual approach to each client is the key to success, so you can choose the size, color, style and pattern of embroidery at your discretion.